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Seriously, It's all i can think of right now. BAND.
Me and a couple of mates are forming a band called 3 days in Tokyo.

Internet cookies to whoever can guess which 2 bands we got our name from.

We have 2 songs so far:

1. Nothing to me
2. Pain and sorrow

And one up and coming:

3. (?) Just like you.
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I think I have a few theories.

I have been playing Monsoon over and over again, and my god forsaken island has been battered by floods and heavy rain.
Apollo makes a lovely Trucy cosplayer.
Klavier is fit as.
Is it just me or does Don't jump/Spring Nicht make me want to cry/ throw my self off the roof, because it's such an emotional song?

Current Music: Spring Nicht - Tokio Hotel - Schrei

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Sir, you're no longer a teacher at our chool, we wanna contact you! Please...reply to my mail....please!
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Yes it's that time of year again, back to school.

Demon teachers, Crazy friends
Study time, Around the bend
Loopy teachers, Retarded lessons
Clasroom time; they coulde'nt lessen

Painful hours, Boring essays
Wake me up at the end of days
Flicking pencils, Breaking rulers
Dragging feet and Losing manners

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This is the day of the holiday I was dreading. I would have rather have spent it looking for Meigo pics, but apperntly school comes first.
We have this oline results thing and it's pretty lame. In short I did shit and have NO chance of becoming a lawyer.

Either that or I put myself down too much.

Statistics : C
Chitezenship Studies : D
Physical Education Practical and Theory : C

Those are my edexcell results, I think the others come in the post.

And on a final note, bleagh.

Final note #2.


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Current Location: home, my bed. -smiles--
Current Music: trucy wright, child of magic GS4 offical soundtrack

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Finally the holidays. And on the first day, I was bored. I need work to keep me occupied.

Anyway I have a poll.
Poll #1229502 How old are you?

How old are you?

13 or younger
22 or older
I'd help me tailor my writings for the appropriate audience.
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Ok, it's official. I tried to fight the yaoi, and lost. I- hold on, my doujinshi has arrived, brb.



Back! God, anyway.
Like I said, I tried to fight the yaoi and lost. Seriously there needs to be more Gavincest. I apperently have some kind of 'weird yaoi complex' whatever that means.
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What kind of birthmark do you have? How does it look? If you don't have one already, what kind of birthmark would you like to have?
If i had a birthmark, I'd want it to be in the shape of a ANBU. Thas would be win.

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These are just for you, but anyone else can read XD


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