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Title: 50 Sentances about Utaru Kiminaga the sex god Rating: PG… - chickenhero
Title: 50 Sentances about Utaru Kiminaga the sex god
Rating: PG
Author: chickenhero 

Well here we go again. I'm trying to do a set for all of my OC's. 

#01 - Motion
The calculated swing of the blade was a work of art, absolutely no miscalculations in the process and it was then the sensei realised that this kid was destined for greatness.

#02 - Cool
Wherever Utaru went, he was followed by hoards of girls and boys alike- and it was absolutely fantastic.

#03 - Young
Being the youngest of the trio was a bad thing, for he could never get his point heard and that really really annoyed him.

#04 - Last
To be the last one standing sucked, it meant he had to carry the survivors back to the barracks and he really hated manual labor.

#05 - Wrong
“I’m never wrong!”
“You’re always wrong you don’t know anything you’re too young!”
“Don’t you DARE pull the young line on me! I graduated 2 years early!”

#06 - Gentle
He could be gentle, he really could- especially when making love to tonight’s lucky lady on his futon.

#07 - One
“I’m the ONE, baby and you better start worshipping me!” Smack.

#08 - Thousand
“Haha haha… rumour has it that Yukes is over a thoudand years old!” Smack.

#09 - King
“C’mon you stud, I know you’re hung like a horse now come on and teach me that damn technique!”
“… Ha-ha… no, King.”

#10 - Learn
No matter how many times he made the same mistake he never learned, “Wanna come back to mine baby?” Smack.

#11 - Blur
When he was in trouble, eye witnesses could assert Utaru vanished leaving behind a blur, “I didn’t do it!”

#12 - Wait
It’s a tough thing, to wait- he had to wait a long time for his dues and when he got them, they were worth it.

#13 - Change
A pretty remarkable change that almost no one would believe- a book toting glasses wearing geek to suave sex object… “It’s true; Utaru was a right little nerd!”
“Either keep that mouth occupied on me, or keep it shut, ya?”

#14 - Command
“Your essay is due, Kiminaga.”
“… ah… what?”

#15 - Hold

He had to hold on for as much as he could, hold on to his sanity because he was losing his soul one bit at a time and he wondered if he could ever be truly whole again.

#16 - Need
“Aw c’mon man I need this like woah!”
“No, Utaru, no you don’t.”
“… aw.”

#17 - Vision
He had terrible eyesight, so he had to wear glasses- and that was until Sora took them off him and told him to get contacts.

#18 - Attention
While he was the most attentive person in the world when it came to dicks and boobs, when it came to filing the division paperwork he was much less attentive.

#19 - Soul
When he woke up after the cataclysm that wrecked his body, and stared into the bright surgical lights, he realised with a deep black disappointment that he had no soul.

#20 - Picture
“That’s an interesting drawing there, Kiminaga-taichou…”

#21 - Fool
He probably was a fool, granted but at least he admitted it.

#22 - Mad
“I’ve got women and men worshipping my every move, and more alcohol than you can shake a stick at- you mad?”

#23 - Child
After his first mis-adventure he would occasionally turn into a child, and while this was fun at times, it eventually became a drag, “What do you mean I’m too young to drink?!”

#24 - Now
“23 bottles of sake, 4 bento boxes, one manual for drunken fighting, NOW we’re ready.”

#25 - Shadow
On sunny days, Utaru loved to be a child- he would run out into his division’s gardens and find the one point where he could make the largest shadow.

#26 - Goodbye
The hardest goodbye he ever had to make was to an enemy- and even then he wasn’t sure if he could call him that.

#27 - Hide
When women were chasing him for reasons other than to sleep with him he became worried and wished he could hide.

#28 - Fortune
When lady fortune shone on him, he got a decent meal and a great bed to stay in; much better than his ordinary student accommodation.

#29 - Safe
The only time it was safe for Utaru to be quiet when he was asleep; any other time and it was bad news.

#30 - Ghost
Sometimes, in the night he would stay awake and watch the stars from the window and dream of what could have been; if he had his star- he sometimes feels a ghost over his shoulder and inside his soul but he knows it’s just wishful thinking.

#31 - Book
When he was a student he was different- he did everything by the book- everything.

#32 - Eye
“I can’t see without my glasses Yoruhana-dono…”
“You’ll adjust- oh god you’re handsome.”

#33 - Never
“I’ll never understand your Aizen complex, Yuki-chan.”
“… Riiiight.”

#34 - Sing
When Utaru was handed the microphone, and gazed upon the expectant faces he blinked and coughed, “… uh- I don’t sing-”

#35 - Sudden
That jolting jarring feeling of waking up hollow every morning made him ache.

#36 - Stop
He couldn’t stop Sora from landing that almost fatal blow to Yukio, no matter how much he tried- he couldn’t attack the man who changed his life for the better.

#37 - Time
“… aw crap so many people so little time…”
“I hope you’re talking about applications, taichou.”
“… YEAH, I totally was.”

#38 - Wash
“Hey, baby let me help you wash-” Smack.

#39 - Torn
“You TORE his arm off, Utaru what the hell were you thinking?!”
“… he started it.”

#40 - History
“DAMN, that is one fine woman.”
“That’s my mother, Utaru.”
“… Awww sweeeet, Milf.” Smack.

#41 - Power
They said he could be anything he wanted when he grew up- so he became everybody.

#42 - Bother
“I can’t be bothered…”
“Well what a surprise there.”

#43 - God
“Hahaha, I will stand in heaven!”
“… that is a terrible impression, Utaru.”
“Hah, well, you’d know, practically worshipping his-”

#44 - Wall
The wall, he had decided was his best friend right now- he leant against it with a drink and realised he was incredibly content.

#45 - Naked
The best clothing was usually free- a view his friends didn’t share; especially not that time he turned up to the annual Captain’s party stark naked.

#46 - Drive
Papers were scattered across the office, books everywhere, and old cups and saucers- “Oh god taichou you drive me crazy.”

#47 - Harm
Most of the time he was happy and flirty and crazy but there were times he truly believed the harm and pain of killing himself was less than that of continued life.

#48 - Precious
The only thing he held precious was the memory of that woman draped in a rich navy cloth that sparkled like the night’s sky… her hair the colour of a pale streaming comet… her eyes so bright like a far flung star, she was the only woman he ever truly loved.

#49 - Hunger
His stomach grumbled loudly in the meeting, “… aw- crap, sorry I’m so hungry-”
“Perhaps you should have had breakfast Kiminaga-taichou.”

#50 - Believe
If you hold a wish for long enough, it will come true- and after that final fight his wish came true- he had become whole again and his woman had returned to fight for him, his one true love, Houki Boshi.

Author's Notes:

#22 - I couldn't help but slip a meme in here.

#33 - This is a daily happening between Utaru and Yukio. It's no secret Yukio is an Aizen fangirl. So, naturally Utaru mocks her as much as he can.

#34 - This is a play on words, the japanese verb "to sing" is Utau. It's just a little bit of fun.

#50 - His zanpakutou is Houki Boshi- the comet. Just so you know.

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