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Well Well... - chickenhero
Well Well...
I've neglected you, dear journal. I guess I should feed you, eh?
Well recently I bought myself a BlackBerry, and realised apart from sending text messages uber quickly because of it's full QWERTY keyboard, that it made an excellant PPWD (portable porn writing device).

And so I offer to you, my fabled journal of shite, my drabblings from my BlackBerry. Enjoy. Also, be warned, some arn't quite done, and I don't think they will ever be done.

Day release, Prepare the hospitals!

Ah, he's almost beaten. What a shame I do say. Come on, hurry and hit the floor, 'cos that's when the fun begins! My fun! And at this rate, he'll be out for hours! Wahahahahaha!

«Do you need me yet?»
He sends a grunt. "N-no way!" Even though Grimmjow's back in Karakura town again, and s'hoverin' right over him.

I like this epada guy, he's got the right idea. «Sure? You look pretty beaten to me. And if you don't win, nothing will change...»
Ichi replies with another grunt, and tries to stand on his own, the pathetic fool!
He'll get himself killed if it wasn't for me.
I can't wait any longer and I take his weakened body.

"You really do suck at this, Ichi! Beaten down like this? Faker! Stop imitating the master!" Now this was my thing, swinging zangetsu around with ease.

Grimmjow didn't know what hit him! Oh my, civilians! It's play time! Assemble the hospitals! Open all clinics! I'm on day release!


Ichigo growled as he chewed his pencil in frustration. Why couldn't homework be easier? As he was mindlessly doodling on the side of the page a thought occurred to him. Urahara was always boasting about how good he was at this,  this thing called 'science'. After all he was the former head of the 12th division. He quickly gathered his things and left for the shouten.

As he walked quickly to the shop, the green clad man smiled at him from the store front. "Ah, I~chi~go, how nice to see you! What can I do for you?"
The orange haired teenager thrust his science work in his face. "This. I'm stuck, and I figured you'd know about science."
The older man smiled and grasped the paper before scanning it. "Mah, this is kid's stuff...surely you can do this?"

Ichigo pouted and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Well why else would I be here? To buy some of your overpriced crap? I doubt it. Are ya gonna help me or not?"
Urahara smiled and dragged him inside. "Well then, let's get started!"

Ichigo realised now he was here, the other was acting oddly. Or more oddly than usual, at any rate.
"Hey, hat n' clogs, something on your mind?" He said, waving a hand in front of the other's face.
He blinked out of it. "H-huh? Just chemistry..."
Ichigo looked confused. "We're doing Physics, hat n' clogs." He said, pulling the other's attention back to the work.

He paid no mind to the other's strange behaviour, at least he could keep his own crush under wraps.
"Hey, Urahara-san, snap out of it! You don't see me acting like some love infested fool, now help me with my work!"
He said taking his pencil and scribbling down an answer.
"Me? L-love sick?" He stuttered, as Ichigo put down his pencil and promptly kissed him.

Ah, the chemistry between lovers...

S'il vous plaît, danke

"Tough day eh?" A voice appeared from behind the cuarta Espada, revealing himself covered in head to toe with red, sticky congealing blood.
Turning to survey the sexta, he sighed disappointed. "Do you always fight with so little meaning? You ought to know better, Grimmjow." He said, all but spitting the name out.

Grinning, he wiped the leaking blood from his brow, perhaps he could have some fun with this. "What, so ya sayin' that Aizen's orders are meaningless?"
Ulquiorra seemed to snap his gaze to him, a cold glare. "You should know better to question his orders, Grimmjow. Aizen-sama knows what he is doing, but the way you execute those orders could be a little more refined." The stench of drying blood mixed with his stench was a little stomach turning to say the least.

Grimmjow smirked, and turned his whole body to face the cuarta. "Kay, how's about we make a deal? If I make the effort ta not make as much mess, I get ta fuck ya." He said, his trade-mark grin on his face. Ulquiorra's face seemed to frown almost at the other. "Grimmjow I highly doubt that you can refrain from spreading blood on you and the floor. If I give you what you desire, you must refrain from spreading blood and resort to another way of killing."

The sexta smiled, if he was gonna nail him some ass, then he guessed he could make it work. "You're on, Ulquiorra."
He walked off to his room, to...freshen up. Grabbing a towel he wiped the still congealing blood, and grabbing a damp cloth to remove the more...stubborn blood. He fixed up the cut above his eye with a small white plaster, before pulling on a new jacket, and throwing the filthy bloodstained one in the laundry basket on the way out.

As he tried his hardest to think of another way of killing without shedding any blood, he walked past Halibel and Stark muttering to each other, and occasionally looking in Grimmjow's direction. "Whatcha lookin' at?"
"Nothing, sexta. Move along." Stark muttered, and Grimmjow walked off in a huff. Not that he really cared anyway...

Spotting Ulquiorra in the corridor, he sidled up to him and smiled. "Heeeeya! We got a deal, so lemme show ya what I'm like between the sheets, yah?" He grinned. The cuarta turned to him.
"I believe the deal was that you find another way to dispatch enemies, and then you can have your way."
The aqua headed male gawped. "Aw come on! That's way not fair, ya hear! You said-"

The other's jade eyes bore into him, silencing the sexta. "I said, find another way to accomplish your mission, and I will reward you." As he started to move away, Grimmjow grabbed his shoulder.
"H-hey man! Give me summit' ta look forward to, yeah?" He said with his mysterious grin. He would get his way, he always did. Hell, even a little action from the cold-hearted cuarta would be greatly appreciated.

Turning to the sexta, surveying him with cold eyes, the corner of his mouth twisted into a small smile. "Follow me." He demanded, leading the curious kitten to follow. He ended up directing him right back to the sexta's room.
"Hey, this is ma room! Hardly anything here to look forward-" he was cut off by a harsh slap to the face followed by a hiss.
"Be quiet, Grimmjow. You wanted something from me, and I don't really want you in my room, un-organising all of my belongings. So open the door before I change my mind."

With an ultimatum like that, the feisty sexta grinned and kicked the door in, much to the other's dismay. He was supposed to tone the violence down, not jack it up. And judging by the other's tent, having a little force applied to him pushed a few buttons. Ulquiorra would have to remember that. As he was pulled inside, he eyed the bloodstained jacket laying in the basket. Was it really possible change the other's ways? But he could be persuaded, given a little time.

The inner room of the other's living quarters was dimly lit, both of them having the advantage of heightened sight in one way or another. "So, how ya gonna inspire me, hmm?" He whispered, making a low growl at the back of his throat. A shiver travelled through the air as the cuarta ran his hands down his chest as he sank to his knees. He didn't see the emotions behind it, just the very evident result. His hakama barely covered his solid erection, Ulquiorra wondered silently to himself as he untied the black sash around Grimmjow's waist.

It clicked in his head now, perhaps he could be a little dominating over the cuarta on his knees. "Ah, I see." With that lecherous grin on his face. "Pull 'em down." Sensing the sexta's impatience rising with his own (not that he would ever understand, or indulge feelings) need to satiate the tent in his own pants, he yanked on the material, and let it pool to the floor. Grimmjow shivered as the cool air rushed over his cock, and drew his fingers slowly over the other's broken helmet. Threading his fingers into his hair, he gently pulled the other's head closer.

"Inspire me." He grinned lecherously.
At his words, the other's surprisingly warm breath fell onto his cock. A tongue licked a line from the base to the head of his cock, making the recipient shiver.  The raven haired Espada took him into his mouth,

Why does it always rain on me?

That damn rain's back again. And it's no light shower either. Relentless torrenting rain. He must be really depressed, poor Ichigo. Perhaps I could wait for the rain to pass, but at this rate, I don't think it will ever pass. Although...I said that before and it cleared up in a day or two.

And that white ass fool over there doesn't help much either. He's always winding Ichigo up, so he can control his body. Well good luck with that, Shirosaki.

So back to this rain...oh and a thunder clap, great. What is wrong with this kid?

'Ichigo, what's wrong?' I ask.
And the young boy stirrs awake, from what seems to be a nightmare. He's muttering things I can barely make out, but one thing's for sure, it was about Shirosaki. I'd have to have a word with him.
'It's ok Ichigo, back to sleep...'

Perhaps that rain can fall on some one else today.
CRACK Teatime at Aizen's

He never got to know his lieutenant, that was his downfall. He realised it now, of course. After his life changed dramatically, for the worst. So it felt rather odd to be sitting in a white room, no furniture other than the tea table in front of him. With the person who ruined his life.

"So, Hirako-kun, how have you been?" His speech was calm and collected.
Shinji's mouth was dry, if he could just get this over with without any inane chatter.
"Very well, considering." He forced out, keeping his teeth gritted.
He smiled, and nodded. "Ah, yes, that was a little troublesome, was it not? But my favourite captain survived, yes?"

Shinji's mouth was agape, how could the other be so, so, calm? "You hated me, Aizen." He stated, he was confused.

He turned his head to look at him. "I never hated you, Hirako-taichou."
Shinji looked at him. "Don't call me that! I'm no-one's taichou anymore, because of you!" Yup, he said it.

Aizen looked hurt. "Aw, I'm broken in two." He laid a hand over his heart. "I did it for you..."
He narrowed his eyes. "So you ruined my life, sent me to the human world and usurped my squad, all for my own good? Yeah, that makes sense." He said, pretending to play along.

The brunette placed the pot down on the table as he moved further around the table. "I hurt you because I love you."


The whole ordeal had been very bizarre, after the shinigami illustrated picture book pinned him as the next target. Captain Soi Fon had pinned him to a tree, and Kiyone had snapped him topless. The cheek! Soi Fon had ruined his shirt, and left him attached to the tree afterwards. It was nearing night time, and it was oddly warm.

Off tune whistling could be heard from a distance, passing through the garden and nearing closer to Ukitake every second. He saw the pink haori clad man step closer to him, a devilish smile on his face. "Well hello there, what are you doing out at this time of night?" He said jauntilly.
Ukitake groaned, it had to be him. "Taking a stroll. What does it look like?" He said, groaning. It was then he realised he was completely bare chested.

Shunsui noticed and raised his eyebrows. "Odd style of dressing for this time of year." He said, grinning madly. "You're all exposed, ANYONE could just come along and, oh, I don't know, do this?" He smiled madly as he ran his hand over the pale chest.

Ukitake shivered, but couldn't move. "A-ah, Shunsui, p-please just get me off this tree, please?" He was pinned with several kunai.
Shunsui only smiled. "Why of course, Uki-kun, let me have some fun first." He said, in that tone of voice that makes you trust him. Ukitake shivered at his touch, and groaned. "J-just get me off this tree!"

Shunsui just laughed, and grinned, the was nothing the other could do. "Oh Uki-kun, let me make you feel so good you'll forget all about this tree..." He said as he swiftly undid the shredded belt. It was a miracle it was still holding his pants up.
He felt them pool around his ankles, and he shivered. "P-please just get me off this damn tree..." He whispered.

The pink clad man smiled. "Get you off you say? I can do that." He smiled as his hand trailed down and began stroking the other's exposed cock. A slight moan was all that was needed, and Shunsui moved ahead with his plans.

This would be a good night.

Ichigo's madness

Perhaps he was going mad, yup. That was the most likely reason he would be doing this right now. Especially to some one he hated. Or did he? Yes, it was madness, and he didn't expect it at all.

Because right now he was on his knees giving a blow job to none other than Byakuya Kuchiki. He couldn't even remember how he got to be in such a position, but he couldn't complain either. The other was rather hot, and as that thought crossed his mind another joined it. Madness.

And so the captain came, and all was well. Perhaps he wasn't so crazy after all.

Good guy, Bad guy, who knows?

As Ukitake walked back to the barracks that cold dark night alone, he started to worry for his safety. He coughed a little blood into his hankercheif, quickly pocketed it and moved on.

Something was stirring in the darkness though, and Ukitake quickened his pace. "Damn this cold night..." He cursed under his breath which formed clouds in front of him.

The white haired man opened the door to his barracks and sighed as he stepped inside, safe from any harm. Closing the door behind him, he felt a familiar pressure approach.

"Aizen..." Ukitake muttered.
The brunette simply smiled, he somehow looked better without his glasses off. "I thought you'd be glad to see me."
Ukitake would never admit how much he liked these little meetings, nor discuss them either.

"I missed you a lot, you know. Been busy?" Said the pale sickly man as he stepped closer to the other.
Aizen smiled and wrapped an arm possively around the other's waist. "Like you wouldn't believe..." He said as he pulled their bodies flush.

Ukitake shivered at the sudden contact, and looked up. "You didn't forget our little bet now did you?" He said, that mischievous grin in his eyes twinkling like diamonds. Aizen seemed to almost frown. "Oh...that. Yes, I remember..." He said as he pulled the man into a kiss.

He melted into the other's dominating embrace, and Ukitake inwardly smiled. It wouldn't be like this for long. He let the other have his fun, but it would truly start once he broke the kiss.

"You promised, now quit hogging all the dominance, or else." He said, as he pushed the brunette onto the bed.
"Fighting talk, but don't tire yourself out, ok?" He said, genuinely concerned about the other's health.

Ukitake assured Aizen. "I rested all morning and afternoon, I'm in top form." He ran a hand down the other's chest seductively. He gave him his best dominant look, before he removed the other's white cloak.

"Juushirou..." Aizen let a small moan pass his lips. The other smiled and decided he liked that reaction, and untied the red sash around the other's waist. Removing the top half, he slid a hand down the pale chest, taking in all the marks, scars and imperfections, however to Ukitake, he was perfect.

Ukitake remembered that he was still fully clothed, so he stepped back a little bit to remove his own clothing prompting the other to do the same.  Once they were both naked, Ukitake leaned in for a dominant kiss, this time he was the seme. He purposefully pressed their bodies together to make the other groan. Which he did.

"Remember we don't have much time, Ukitake..." He groaned. He couldn't stay for long.
"I know, I know. So, how do you want it this time?" He said brushing his white hair from his face.
Aizen shivered a little at the brashness of the other's words. "L-like this..." He stuttered a little.

As the other moved onto all fours, his head looking back over his shoulders. Ukitake looked at the stunning ass in front of him, and smirked. "What a lovely view..." He remarked as he pulled out the lube, and slicked a couple of fingers up.

"Ok?" He said, as he pushed a lube slicked finger into the other's tight entrance. He felt the other shiver at the intrusion, and began working that finger inside him. He went quickly, and added another finger. Ukitake smirked as he hit that little bundle of nerves, and the other shook madly in pleasure.

"Hmm...like that, didn't you?" He whispered into the other's ear seductively. Aizen groaned in response, eventually pushing back against each of the other's finger thrusts.

"Please Ukitake, t-take me now..." The younger man whispered.
Ukitake couldn't possibly refuse an offer like that, and withdrew his fingers. "If you insist, Aizen..."
He smiled as he kneeled behind him, positioning himself at the other's tight entrance.

He gripped at his slim hips, and slowly pushed into the tight heat. "A-aahhh!" He groaned as the other enveloped him.
Aizen's breath hitched and his eyes widened as the other seated himself inside him.

"Just let me know when you want me to move, ok?" Ukitake whispered as he forced himself to keep still.
The brunette was shaking a little, adjusting to the cock buried deep in his ass. "Y-yeah...I-It's ok..." He groaned.

Ukitake nodded and pulled himself right out so only the head was left in, before slamming back in. There was no time for passionate, sensitive love making, not any more. Not since Aizen left the seireitei.

Aizen called out and moaned, the other beginning a hard and fast pace. "Juushirou...a-ah!" He panted.
Ukitake began furiously and roughly fucking the other, trying to bring him to his climax. "S-sousuke!" He knew tomorrow he would be exhausted, his health deteoriating rapidly. But he needed this, he needed this release.

A couple more thrusts from Ukitake, and he came hard, filling the other and then some. The feeling of being filled was just too much for Aizen and he came hard also, yelling the other's name as he did so. "J-juushirou!"

They collapsed onto the bed, panting. Pulling out of Aizen, Ukitake groaned and laid beside his lover, holding him close and stroking his soft silky brown hair.
The younger man replied with a soft groan. "Yeah?"
"...if you were serious about the whole 'standing in heaven' thing..." He paused. "...could I join you there? I can't take being so alone all the time, it hurts me so much..."

The younger just nodded, and decided he could risk it, he could risk leaving in the morning. But for now, he would rest and spend some time with his lover.

Enjoy my crack!

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